Piping Tips specifications

Kind of Piping Tips

Round Cake Decorating Tip
Petal Cake Decorating Tip
Open Star Cake Decorating Tip
Leaf Cake Decorating Tip
Grass Decorating Tip
Flower Decorating Tip
Another Kind of Piping Tips

Kind of Material

Kind of Piping Tip Material Metal Piping Tip
Plastic Piping Tip
Another Kind of Piping Tip Material

Size of Piping Tip

Small Size Piping Tip
Medium Size Piping Tip
Big Size Piping Tip
Extra Large Size Piping Tip
Another Size of Piping Tip

Personalization of Piping Tip

Our Brand
Your Brand Personalization

Kind of Unitary Package

Just piping Tip
Piping Tip Blister
Another Kind of Unitary Package

Kind of Inner Boxes

Display boxes with 12 unities
Display boxes with 24 unities
Display boxes with 36 unities
Display boxes with 48 unities
Another Kind of Inner Boxes

Number of Piping Tips

Wilton Popular Numbers
Chinese Numbers
Personal Numbers